Smell Bent

Written by: Danielle Ott
With the holiday bustle and January behind us, it’s time to combat the winter chill with a little extra delight. Change it up and create new ways to add everyday cheer by breaking from the typical perfume routine of floral, woodsy and fruity.

Smell Bent, a small perfume company based in LA, is blasting out of the ordinary world of scents and killing it with funky new smells to delight discerning noses. The perfumes are made with the world’s best ingredients but are hard to beat in price ($20 for an 8 ml. bottle of oil). Scents vary widely from sweet Sunshine (sun-warmed blood oranges over rich sandalwood, vanilla-drenched resins and a golden musk base) to sassy Horny Little Devil (golden amber, black pepper, musk and cinnamon).

“We think that perfume should be fun and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg,” says Brent Leonesio, Smell Bent’s self-titled chairman of good smells, on the company’s Web site. “We know life can be hard, but it shouldn’t have to smell bad.”

Available at Om Spa | 313.565.9686 |


08.07.10 | 05:58pm
M. Smith
You have a wonderful concept which is good fragrance at reasonable prices...good for you for not buying into the sometimes high priced niche perfume snobbery that sometimes seems to be everywhere. I think you are fantastic!

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