Top Nine for 944 with Christina Milian

Get the Inside Scoop on Her Music and Movies

 1. You have done a lot in your career, in terms of both music and movies. How do you balance being both a singer and an actress?

Amazing management who help me map out my daily life and stick to our strategies and plans on building my career to new heights. Basically we hustle, don't sleep and have a good time while doing it. I'm very fortunate to have a job I love.


2. Tell us about your new single, “Us Against the World.”

I like to call it a love anthem cause I believe the lyrics speak a million words for people all over the world. I am taking a chance by putting out my first ballad it’s very exciting. I think our country specifically needs a record like this. It’s about passion, true love and sticking by someone through thick and thin. Life and love can be a battle and I would like to inspire people with love.


3. If you had to choose between being a singer or an actress, which would you choose and why?

I couldn’t choose. That’s like asking a mom, “If you could choose one child you love more, which would it be?” I love to perform.


4. Your last album So Amazin’ was released in 2006. How is the album you’re releasing next spring going to be different?

It’s got a fresher more feminine touch to it. And it’s true to my heart at this moment. Last album I was dealing with a breakup and I was getting through my heartbreak through those lyrics. Now I feel I’m in a better place and have managed to write records I’ve never written before about real things I’ve gone thru in the last two years.


5. And you signed with MySpace Records. How has it been working with such a fresh label?

Great! I love it. It’s a bit more hustle and bustle involved but that is what I live for. And my fans have immediate access to me on another level .


6. You are working with the likes of T-Pain, Cool & Dre and J.R. Rotem. How is it working with such distinguished producers and artists?

Great, I feel blessed that they support my ideas and have a creative chemistry with all of them.


7. You have a movie coming out in 2009 called The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Tell us a little about your role in the movie.

I play Kalia, a pop celeb that comes across Matthew’s [McConaughey] character. It’s a very, very fun few scenes I got to do. Guys will love what I’m wearing and girls will love what I'm doing. That’s all I can say right now. Go see it!


8. You are starring alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. What was it like working with them?

Matthew is a sweetheart and is really into music so we had a common bond. Really nice guy. And I didn’t work together with Jennifer but I met her and she was very nice.


9. Tell us about some of your upcoming projects. Do you have anything in the works?

Need For Speed Undercover for EA games. I play a lead character in the game. To be released Nov 18. And the new Bring it On. I play the lead character Lina who is the captain of many squads and coping with the fact her mom got married and moved her from her home in East L.A. to Malibu. And [Lina deals with] not having her original squad and teaching a new squad. It’s so cute. Plus we shot a music video for it to one of my songs, “Gotta Get to You.”And [I am releasing] an album [in]spring 09.


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