Trailblazer's Picks: Sara Liss

Photography by: Serg Alexander

Sara Liss
Editor, Urban Daddy

If there is a new place to eat, drink or dance, Urban Daddy’s Miami editor, Sara Liss, has been there. She makes keeping up with the daily grind of her email magazine look like a breeze, with time to spare, sampling the best the city has to offer and showing off her sandal tan, which this native Bostonian seems rather proud of.

“Makoto at the Bal Harbour Shops is my new go-to restaurant. It’s four blocks from my house and the green tea noodles and spicy crispy tuna are standouts.”
“Josh Marcus at Chow Down Grill. Dude makes his own soy sauce and tofu and I want to dip everything in the peanut sauce he puts on the tables. The stuff is liquid deliciousness in a squeeze bottle.”
“Cerveceria 100 Montaditos in midtown. Every Wednesday the entire menu is $1 — meaning all sand-wiches, beer, fried potatoes. You can spend $12 on a great dinner for two.”
“For a chill night I like Lou’s Beer Garden in North Beach for their fantastic microbrew selection or Wine Depot in South of Fifth because they have $10 bottles of rose and the best marinated anchovies. Also, both places are quiet enough to actually have conversations with the people you’re with.”
“My favorite new bar is Fado Irish Pub in Mary Brickell. Great selection of beers and whiskeys and mighty fine fish and chips.”
“Elad Tzvi at the W’s Living Room is a cocktail wizard.”

“I love Krelwear. I’ve been collecting her pieces for years. They’re the right mix of futuristic shapes with rainbow-colored knits.”

“I could easily spend the whole day at Lapis, The Fontainebleau spa, bouncing between the “cold” Ja-cuzzi and the rain corridor.”
“SoulCycle at the Mondrian is my favorite workout. It’s a spinning class with a cult following in NYC. My first class there I sweat out the previous night’s champagne, mojitos and chardonnay. In that order.”

“I am smitten with the work of artist Frederico Nessi. His photos have a raw, haunting quality. Also, I love his mustache.”
“The worst things about Miami? The lack of bike lanes, the lack of book stores, humidity, reality shows, perpetual lateness, unprofessionalism.”


06.26.11 | 11:55pm
"... it's four blocks from my house..."
hey we're neighbors.

Freddy does look great w or without mustache

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