Crayon Art…. No Not What You Did in Kindergarten

Written by: Erica Henderson
Herb Williams of Nashville, Tennessee has graduated from coloring with crayons to sculpting with them. Winner of the 2008 Next Star Artist, Williams has the unique position as the only individual who has a personal account with Crayola. Williams typically receives colors packed 3000 to case, which he uses to make sculptural representation of pop culture. Using “pure color” Williams assembles the crayons in a 3D format to create sculptures of things such as dogs or even Presidential elect Barack Obama. How did Williams think to use crayons to make sculptures you may ask? Well in an interview with Williams reveals that the idea came to him in a dream. I wish my subconscious could tell me what I should be doing with my life instead I wake up dreaming that I didn’t graduate elementary school. Fabulous.


01.31.09 | 04:28am

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