Today's Top 9 Post-Apocalyptic Dream Homes

Written By Laurel May

1. Tanker Trucks

From designer Aristide Antonas, this cool tanker truck home. From the looks of this rendering, it seems that even after armageddon guys will still act like jerks and be banished to sleep in the other room.

2. The Hippie Classic

An old bus, converted to veggie oil and pissing off the masses when it's puttering along on the freeway.

3. Train Stations

After the end of the world, public transportation likely won't be running on schedule so why not take up residence in a station? For those who can put up with the noise of trains running past on an hourly basis, get in on this action early, there are a few available now.

4. Train Cars

Priced out of a railway station? Just buy a single train car instead.

5. Missile Silos

Relax in this zombie-proof haven, available now! A former Atlas-F missile silo with escape hatch featuring marble baths,an 1800 gallon septic tank and 360 degree video surveillance.

6. Shipping Containers

Raise your hand if you're sick of hearing about them. Two words: Camper Bike.

7. Free Spirit Spheres

For around 150k you can live in a wooden bubble dangling from a tree.

8. Earth Bag Dwellings

Commonly known as 'sandbags.' Lord knows these things are eyesores, but at least you won't have to worry about floods.

9. Tree Houses

That's houses made of trees - not in trees. This is only a viable option if our vegetation weathers the upcoming apocalypse and you have a green thumb. Oh, and the average tree only grows a foot or so each year, so better get a plantin'.


08.29.10 | 09:55am
Innovative ways of living...not only after the end of the world, but now!

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