Today's Top 9 Easy Ways to Personal Reinvention

Written By Laurel May

1. Get a New 'Do

New Year, new you. Get a haircut. Doing something different with those follicles is the most popular (not to mention inexpensive) way to attempt reinvention. Plus, if it looks like total crap, just consider it an opportunity to go expensive hat shopping.

2. Stop Being Such a Whiner

Some people can find something to complain about in any and every situation. This phenomenon is super common and dangerously self destructive. Try to act (and really be) more positive. By thinking and acting positively, good things will magically start occurring, for starters, people may stop avoiding your phone calls.

3. Learn a Trade

Don’t just pick up any old hobby; why not choose one that will lead to some kind of certificate that you can parlay into a side job? So, maybe rather than taking your two left-footed ass to a hip hop class, you could try a course in air conditioning repair instead.

4. Plan a Bunch of Vacation

January is a great time to create an outline of the entire upcoming year. Take some time to work out a rough budget, look at the schedule, and actually mark some time out for vacation(s). Even if they're just two day road trips, camping, or a weekend in Vegas, marking them on your calendar will give you something to look forward to and in turn keep you more productive in the now.

5. Buy a New Friend

Getting a dog and having a baby are two of the most life altering steps a person can take. We suggest the former.

6. Update that Look

Reinvent yourself through wardrobe. Does everything in your closet look the same? Challenge yourself by buying clothes in colors and styles that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Just make sure everything fits. Please.

7. Dump that Loser

Another great way to kick off the New Year is to dump your lame partner. If your guy or gal was dragging you down for most of 2009 then it’s time to grow a pair and kick em’ to the curb. Chances are it won’t get any easier; in fact it usually gets more difficult the more you put it off. Being single will give you more free time to spend with people who are actually nice to you.

8. Get Smart

Get another (or maybe a first) degree. Even if you have to go in to massive debt to pay for it, we're all better off with you being a little bit smarter. The world's going to end in 2012 anyway, so chances are you'll never have to pay off those loans.

9. Try Virtual Reinvention

Perhaps 2010 is the year to start blogging as an alter-ego, or for joining some interesting online clubs and finally meeting some like-minded perverts.


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